I have no time to waste on arguing with anyone.

My only point is to expose information that is totally inadequate to the topic at hand. In this case, espousing accolades on someone who does not have a clue as to historical, political, or fiscal understanding. She (Ocasio-Cortez) is in way over her head on issues. She spouts conventional Socialist pablum with no understanding of the context of anything. She only hopes to attract the other ignorant moths to the flame and to claim her 15 (or in this case maybe 30) minutes of fame in politics. Any thinking individual would know that she has zero depth of knowledge on critical topics. This is evident when others have challenged her to debate and all she can proffer is insults and slander, simply because she is wholly inadequate to any viable discourse on a topic that matters.

Don’t confuse economics with political structure. You will get buried.

Lover of liberty, the Constitution and the rule of law, respecter of real money, cryptos, healing the world through prayer, oh and racing cars & bikes.

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