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Is Elon Musk a True Free Speech Advocate?

David Keyston
5 min readApr 28, 2022

Twitter surprisingly acquiesced to the offer by Elon Musk to take Twitter private. But, really did they have a choice? Of course, any company with their shareholder’s best interests at heart must do what makes the highest and best choice for the shareholders, the owners of the company. Otherwise, any shareholder can bring suit. The Twitter board obviously realized this.

For way too long have we seen Twitter, and many other tech oligarchs, censor speech in direct violation of every American’s first amendment rights. This has gone on for far too long. The current (Biden) administration does not care to defend American’s free speech rights because it serves their purposes to squelch any narrative other than their own woke socialist agenda. This is unarguably a danger to the continued integrity of our Republic governance. Twitter, as well as Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and a multitude of other companies that hold the American dialogue hostage, have made up their own amendment to speech, and have thus cancelled the rights of well over half the American population in regards to truthful dialogue that is prohibited from their avenues of expression.

What are these woke ideologues afraid of? If they were not afraid, they would entertain dialogue, not insist on only their own viewpoint and narrative to the exclusion of all else. That type of behavior is tyrannical and fascist in nature. To falsely charachterize such divergent expression as “hateful” or “rascist”, or “disinformation” or “conspiracy theory” is simply a label applied by a fascist oligarch staunching growth in free expression. Yet, all we hear is the lie attributed to truth in so many arenas, but especially the COVID narrative. There is either science or there is indefensible woke nonsense and political manipulation. There is either truth or there is a lie. This is rarely a gray area. However, the one’s that control the avenue of the narrative often don’t care about truth or even wanting a dialogue; they care about their voice being the only one heard. But, the old saw, that if you repeat a lie often enough the people will eventually believe it, has many of those on the left questioning that this attitude is sustainable. Of course it isn’t. It spells the death of a civilization, a culture bowed to the tyranny of a selective dialogue.

David Keyston

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