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The War for America’s Soul

David Keyston
5 min readMay 30, 2021

Freedom, Law, Principle, or Tyranny, Chaos & Wokeism

America is at a crossroads with two roads to challenge the traveller. One road is vaguely familiar, a road that has a history of certainty, of honesty and overall fairness. The other road takes one down a path of something strange, unfamiliar, newly disturbing, divisive and politically inept.

Self-interest and a false sense of social justice has changed the political and cultural landscape of this once great nation. It used to be that self-government was what America was the birthing ground for, a fertile place for a vivid imagination to flourish and succeed in; a place of opportunity. Today we recognize that political elites have nurtured a dependence on government in the individual for too many decades, obfuscating the vision of individual success through personal achievement. Now, we see every form of government reliance and subsidy that further erodes a proper sense of individual initiative, of independence.

Is it right that the individual be dependent on government? Is it desirable that individuals not have to work for those things and ideals and goals that actually mean something to them, whether school, health, career or the goal of a better life through achievement?

These questions should haunt us and cause us to question the new path that this political arena has chosen. If we do not think of the consequences of these trends what does that say about the individual? Has then, the individual been programmed, whether through socialist-leaning curriculum of our so-called “higher institutions” of learning or decided agendas of government officials bent on staying in power, clinging to influence through peddling increasingly large doles of “free stuff” to their electorate or increasing the control over citizenry through over-reaching programs?

Many of these learning institutions no longer create an environment where critical thinking is fostered, rather they increasingly are founts of social justice programming, fostering division so the conflict between rich and poor, black and white, continue to fragment society and instill a sense of vapid reactionaries focusing more on the past than the future, all the while claiming a sense of “due” from these institutions, whether learning or government.

David Keyston

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